Why use TWIN MRO?

TWIN MRO is one of the leading independent turbine component repair sources in the world. When you send your components to us, you’ll receive competitive pricing, delivery based on your scheduling needs, and the best quality of service you can buy. For these reasons, original engine manufacturers, air carriers, engine centers and parts brokers worldwide rely on TWIN MRO as their component overhaul and repair source.

Repair Development

Last year salvage repairs developed by TWIN MRO saved our customers over US $19.75M in replacement component costs. We work directly with the OEM, Airline or independent DER to develop our repairs. Contact us with your specific repair development requirements.


We offer repair and overhaul of over 3000 Part Numbers covering dozens of part types across several large gas turbine models. Our typical component types are Housings, Gearboxes, Shafts, Spinner Cones, Seals & Spacers, Supports, Ducts, Sync Rings, Brackets and much more. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quotation.

Our current approved, commercial flight turbine capabilities list is provided below. Please note that this list contains only the most commonly requested part numbers for commercial aviation that we currently advertise. Please contact us with your specific requirements if you require a source for a part number not found on this list.